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Haryana Badminton Association is affiliated to Badminton Association of India.The Haryana Badminton Association is the governing body for badminton in the Indian state of Haryana. It was founded in 1966, and affiliated to the Badminton Association of India in 1969. Haryana Badminton Association was taken over by us on August 1995 under the Presidentship of Sh. Devender Singh IAS. And Mr. Ajay Singhania is working as Hony. Gen. Secretary of the Association. 1st.Haryana Open Badminton Championship organized at Gurgaon by our team in 1995 as Hero Honda Cup. From that year onwards HBA is regularly (every year ) organizing Haryana State Open Junior & Senior Badminton Championship. H.B.A. is holding coaching camps in summer and winter every year. We are sending Haryana Team in various National Championships (Sub Junior, Junior. Senior & Vetearns) every year on the basis of merit. Players of our states are also taking parts in various Junior & Senior All India Invitation and Prize Money Badminton Championship.

HBA is responsible for organizing tournaments, conducting coaching camps, and selecting players to represent Haryana at national and international events.We are the legal, registered body constituted with the basic objective of promoting the game of Shuttle Badminton amongst all age group in Haryana. Our players have excelled at the International and National events. Haryana Badminton Association is responsible for conducting state level tournaments for Sub-juniors, Juniors, Seniors and Veterans and the players so selected through such State level tournaments are alone eligible to participate in the National level tournaments conducted by BAI. 

HBA mission is to create and nurture an environment where badminton can be enjoyed by all. The association organizes tournaments, provides coaching, and works with local schools to develop their badminton programs. It also works closely with the Badminton Association of India (BAI) to ensure that badminton is played at its highest level in the state. The HBA has been successful in creating a vibrant culture of badminton throughout the state and is committed to continue doing so for many years to come.

The Haryana Badminton Association (HBA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of badminton in the state of Haryana. It has grown to become one of the largest badminton associations in India. It organizes tournaments, provides training and coaching to players, and promotes the sport throughout the state. With its mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports, HBA is committed to developing badminton as a competitive sport for all age groups in Haryana.


Haryana Badminton Association aims to provide an environment for players of all ages and abilities to enjoy the game of badminton. It also works towards increasing the number of tournaments, developing infrastructure, and providing support for coaches and players alike. Through its objectives, it strives to ensure that badminton remains an enjoyable sport for everyone in Haryana.

The association has set several objectives including providing a safe environment for players to practice and compete, organizing tournaments at all levels, and encouraging the development of new talent. Through its programs and activities, the HBA strives to create an engaged community of badminton players who are passionate about the sport.

The association also strives to provide opportunities for players of all ages and levels to develop their skills in badminton. The HBA’s objectives are to organize tournaments, arrange coaching camps, create awareness about badminton among the public and develop infrastructure for the sport. With its focus on helping players reach their full potential, the HBA is committed to making badminton a popular sport in Haryana.

To encourage, regulate, control, promote, and develop badminton in Haryana, particularly by organising coaching, training camps, competitions, and exhibition games between schools, colleges, universities, and districts through and by affiliated Organizations on a volunteer basis for adults, juniors, and sub-juniors.

To maintain overall control over badminton in the state of Haryana, especially in relation to the rules and regulations for the organisation of the Tournaments.

To represent all of its connected Organizations as a “Accredited Representative” on subjects of mutual interest.

To coordinate all state-level activities related to “badminton,” including hosting state tournaments and setting up or approving championship tournaments and matches.

To host the “Badminton” National Championships in Haryana in order to improve the sport’s standing there overall and to pave the way for players to achieve “National Qualification”

To provide junior players with ‘National Exposure’ in order to create a comprehensively established progressive pathway for them and the State.

Receiving ‘Grants-in-Aid, Funds, and Sponsorships’ for the purpose of the Association and deploying them in such a way as may be deemed desirable for the promotion of ‘Badminton’.

To select ‘Teams’ to represent Haryana, as well as to promote, control, and finance national participation visits.

To have a Court Officials Committee (COC), maintain a ‘Panel of Umpires,’ and to nominate Umpires to attend BAI Training Camps for Certification on a regular basis.

To maintain a panel of ‘Coaches,’ as well as to nominate State Senior and Junior Coaches.

To promote, popularise, and encourage the development of ‘Badminton’ as a sports for all.