Mission & Vision

  • "To regulate, promote, manage and develop the sport of 'Badminton' in Haryana transparently."
  • "To create comprehensively established progressive pathway for Badminton Players, Coaches and other Technical persons of Haryana.".
  • "To seek support of Govt. of India, Sport Authorities, Executive Council Members, all Member Associations, Indian and International Media and Sponsors for the continuous promotion and growth of Badminton in Haryana."


Aims & Objects :


  • To maintain general control of Badminton in Haryana particularly with reference to the Rules and Regulations for the conduct of the Tournaments.
  • To encourage, standardise, control, promote and develop the game of Badminton in Haryana especially by organising Coaching, Training Camps, Tournaments and Exhibition Matches amongst Schools, Colleges, Universities and States through and by affiliated Organisations on an amateur basis for adults, juniors and sub-juniors.
  • To support, popularise and encourage the development of ‘Badminton’ as a sports for all.
  • To select ‘Teams’ to represent Haryana and to promote, control and finance visits for International  and National Participation.
  • To receive ‘Grants-in-Aid, Funds and Sponsorships’ for the purpose of the Association and deploy the same in such a manner as may be considered desirable for the promotion of ‘Badminton’.
  • To act as ‘Accredited Representative’ of all its affiliated Organisations in all matters of common interest as State Body.
  • To facilitate ‘International and National Exposure’ to junior players to create comprehensively established progressive pathway for them and for the Country.

Appreciated Form

Arjun Awardee

Arjun Awardee